On the Mend

We help families cope with the trauma, grief and stress associated with caring for their critically-ill child.

“I sought your help because I lost my son. The weekly therapy sessions have been wonderful because I have opened my heart. My heart was more sad. However, after starting therapy, my heart is more calm. Thanks to you and the people that listen to me, therapy has helped me with the sadness. It has been difficult. I feel more calm, comfortable, and unburdened. Thank you very much for your support, it’s the best!”

Miracles for Kids Parent

Movie Night

Gives parents and children an opportunity to connect with other families, build community, and receive resources on communication, parenting, relationships, and mental health.

Surf & Paddle Camp

Critically-ill children and their siblings are treated to a day at the beach so they can experience the joys of childhood.


Our counseling programs equip family members with stress reducing techniques to battle depression and anxiety.


individuals received therapy to learn how to better cope with trauma and stressors associated with battling a life-threatening illness this year.


of families reported counseling decreased their depression

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