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Help families with critically-ill children fight bankruptcy, homelessness, hunger and depression—so they can fight for their kids’ lives.


We’re one of the only organizations on the West Coast that provides monthly financial aid, subsidized housing, and counseling to families fighting for their child’s life.

Our Story

It all began when a little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor and her dad’s friend wanted to help.

Our Programs

We help families with food, clothing, shelter and more—so they can focus on the care their child needs.

Our Financials

79 cents of every $1 you give goes directly to families. We pride ourselves on efficiency and transparency.

We Do Better Together

Thanks to people like you, over 1,500 families have been relieved of some of the emotional and financial devastation caused by childhood disease.

How We Help

Families who are fighting for their kids’ lives need your help.

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Hospitals Serviced

meet Mason
The family of two has been relying on their savings to stay afloat, but the mounting bills has left them financially and emotionally overwhelmed until Miracles for Kids came in.
meet The Clements Family
The Clements Family
She was a single mom of four trying to make ends meet. She ended up homeless, until Miracles for Kids came in.
meet The Daniel Family
The Daniel Family
One minimum wage job was not enough to support a family struggling with their son Jeremiah's life-threatening disease.

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Donate Monthly
Donate Monthly

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We love getting people together to help families in need.

Ways to Give
Ways to Give

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