Help is on the Way

When a family is brought down by the devastation of a critically-ill child, we want to be there to pick them back up.

Our Programs

We help families with food, clothing, shelter and moreā€”so they can focus on the care their child needs.

Pay the Bills

Bills don’t stop when tragedy hits. We help keep the lights on, the water running and so much more.

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Families in crisis can get overwhelmed by expensive housing costs, so Miracle Manor helps relieve this burden.

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We have a holistic approach to healing families, from healthcare and counseling to outdoor activities and more.

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Feed & Clothe

Getting basic necessities can be a challenge for families in crisis, so we help them get the essentials they need to survive.

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Our Reach

Diagnosed with
Unique Illnesses

With support from people like you, we’ve helped families from all over Southern California and the Bay Area get back on their feet.

Families We've Helped

Ja’Nae’s Family

Ja’Nae’s Family

Ja'Nae and Mom were homeless, hopping from place to place including family, friends, and motels until they found Miracles.
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Isaias’ Family

Isaias’ Family

As sole provider of the family of five, Dad was doing all he could to make ends meet, but the family soon needed to rely on credit cards for rent and food. That is where Miracles stepped in.
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Mason’s Family

Mason’s Family

The family of two had been relying on their savings to stay afloat, but the mounting bills has left them financially and emotionally overwhelmed until Miracles for Kids came in.
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Does Your Family Need Help?

Please talk with a social worker at one of our affiliated hospitals. They’ll be able to refer you to us so you can begin the application process.

Refer a Family in Need

If you are a social service representative at one of our affiliated hospitals and would like to refer a family in need, please contact Sapphira Roberson, Community Programs Manager, at or call 714-705-4531.

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Donate to a Family

Donate to help one of our struggling families pay bills, make rent and afford other basic necessities, so they can continue to fight for the most important thing – their child’s life.

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