Meet the Team

Tim Smith

Tim Smith


Tim Smith is a distinguished figure in the Orange County real estate domain, leading the highly-acclaimed Tim Smith Real Estate Group – a nationally recognized team and #1 in Orange County. Beyond his professional successes, Tim stands as a beacon of commitment in his personal life, dedicated to his roles as a husband to Amber and father of Brixton and Sloane.

His drive extends into a heartfelt passion for community service. Tim’s involvement with numerous charitable organizations—including Miracles for Kids, Big Brothers, TACA, and others —stems from a profound belief in the foundational importance of family. Through his advocacy, Tim champions the cause of providing every child with the opportunities to achieve extraordinary feats without boundaries.

Tim’s commitment to the community is twofold: nurturing the health and potential in our children and actively supporting local legislation to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and academic excellence of Orange County. His endeavors to place the right leaders in positions of advocacy are instrumental in maintaining the exceptional quality of life that Orange County residents cherish.