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Miracles for Kids serves one of our community’s most vulnerable populations – critically-ill children and their low-income families. We help them battle bankruptcy, homelessness, hunger and depression – so they can concentrate on what’s most important, fighting for their child’s life.

Now, during the COVID-19 Outbreak, we’re helping to keep our families from crumbling under the combined impact of their child’s critical illness, a devastated economy, and the impact of the virus on their child’s already compromised immune system.

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We are looking for qualified mental health professionals interested in donating a few hours a week to connect with Miracles for Kids’ family members who are struggling with the stress, anxiety and emotions evoked by our world’s current state.

Your help will allow us to establish a voluntary electronic network where families can contact a mental health professional and talk through how they’re feeling, the emotional impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and their current mental status. The free sessions would be held electronically, through video chat or phone calls.


Please complete the Mental Health Professionals Survey and a Miracles for Kids Team Member will be in touch within 2 business days. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Andrade, Programs Assistant, at or call (714) 730-3040.

Volunteer Today


Together we can do more for those that need us most.